Welcome to the Tooth Fairy and her milk tooth dwarfs!
Here you will find creative products for milk teeth. The tooth fairy will help you in a magical way, no matter if you are looking for a gift for your first jelly tooth, baptism, birthday, anniversary or school launch. You've come to the right place.

If your child loses a milk tooth, it can place it in one of our velvet bags under the pillow and call the tooth fairy with one of our magic door hangers overnight. The tooth fairy brings a gold coin from the workshops of the milk tooth dwarfs as a gift for each milk tooth. These were affectionately handcrafted by a designer with many beautiful motifs from the everyday life of the tooth fairy and the milk tooth gnomes. During the visit she leaves behind her magically shimmering, easily removable fairy dust.

To help you remember your childhood with missing teeth, the milk teeth can be stored in one of our beautiful milk tooth albums, which contains a patented dental jar with special storage compartments per tooth, developed by a dentist.

Keep your children's milk teeth forever and remember the first years of your child's life, your godchildren or grandchildren.

Have fun browsing through the website of the tooth fairy with her diligent milk tooth dwarfs and the whole team from Milchzahnzwerge. de/. at and. ch!

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