Welcome to the tooth fairy and her baby tooth album and gold coin producing baby tooth dwarfs!

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With a lot of love the tooth fairy with her baby tooth dwarfs produces creative and especially high-quality gifts for children, which were designed by two German and American designers for this beautiful custom.

Whether with gold-plated tooth fairy coins, a baby tooth box or baby tooth album and tooth fairy utensils such as magic dust - the tooth fairy and her baby tooth dwarfs conjure up an incomparable smile on every child's face with the products offered here.

In a magical way, they help to find the ideal and unforgettable gift for all children for many years to come, whether for the first loose tooth, for christening, for birthdays, anniversaries or school events.

Our advice

Baby Tooth Pouch - Blue
4,95 EUR
Shippingtime: 2 Weeks
Tooth Fairy Door Hanger - blue
4,95 EUR
Shippingtime: 1 Week
Tooth Fairy Dust
5,95 EUR
Shippingtime: 1 Week

Baby tooth album, baby tooth box and golden tooth fairy coins

If your child loses one of his teeth, you can put it under his pillow in one of our Baby Tooth Pouches and summon the Tooth Fairy overnight with our magical Door Hanger.

The Tooth Fairy brings as a gift per baby tooth one gold coin from the works of the Baby Tooth Dwarfs. These were lovingly handcrafted by a German designer with many beautiful motifs from the everyday life of the Tooth Fairy and her dwarfs. During the visit, the Tooth Fairy leaves behind her magically Fairy Dust, which can be easily removed.

In order to keep a memory of your childhood with your baby tooth, you can store them in one of our beautiful Baby Tooth Albums, which contain a patented box developed by an American dentist with special storage spaces per tooth.

Keep the lost baby tooth of your children forever and always remember the first years in the life of your child, godchildren or grandchildren.

The Tooth Fairy with her diligent Baby Tooth Dwarfs and the whole team of Milchzahnzwerge hope you enjoy browsing our magical Online Shop! 

Tooth Fairy Coins

The tooth fairy coins are a unique gift for children and remind in a wonderful way a lifetime on the visits of the tooth fairy.

The Tooth Fairy Coin Designer Set 1 consists of ten gold-plated tooth fairy coins with detailed and lovingly illustrated stories of the tooth fairy and her baby tooth dwarfs in a velvet bag. This set is available worldwide exclusively from us.

All ten baby tooth coins are individually and uniquely designed by a German designer and provide an individual motif for each lost tooth.

Your child will be so thrilled that they can hardly wait for the tooth fairy's next visit after they receive their first tooth fairy coin.

The coins are delivered in a black velvet bag and are also individually packed!